3 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Marketing Director

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Selecting your business’ marketing director is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make.

Make your decision with confidence by asking yourself these three simple questions before pulling the trigger.


01 Is a marketing director worth the risk?

While it may seem like just another hire, selecting your marking director is like choosing who will captain your ship. The last thing you need is a bumbling buffoon at the helm, turning your company into Titanic 2.0.

Yet every day successful businesses just like yours are going from hero to zero in an instant because of one flippant comment made in a social media post by a well-intentioned marketing manager.


02 How much time and money do you have to find and train the right person?

It takes an average of 6 months for a new hire to become a profitable member of the team.

That’s right: 6 months.



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Cliché or Not: TIME IS MONEY

According to a recent survey it costs the average company up to three times a position’s salary to search for, hire, pay, train, and integrate a new employee.

$100,000* x 3 =$300,000
Estimated On-Boarding Costs

*Average annual salary of a Marketing Director in Orange County, CA.



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If you’re like most business owners, you need someone who’s profitable NOW. Someone who…

  • Has a solid understanding of your business, your market, and your customers
  • Can develop a strategy that gets you the exposure and revenue you need to grow
  • Can not only maintain what you have done, but expand on it— and make it better


 03 Is a Jack of All Trades Just a Master of None?

In addition to being strategic your marketing director will need to be able to implement it on a variety of platforms: print, digital, SEO, video…that uber-secret-up-and-coming-can’t-live-without magical solution that’s sure to get all of the right customers walking through your doors that only people with their finger on the pulse of marketing would know about.

In today’s rapidly changing digital age that means you’re most likely searching for a:

…all rolled into one ultra-experienced and easy-to-manage marketing director who’s within your budget, and just happens to be out of a job RIGHT NOW. Or you could…


Buy 1 Marketing Director Get A Team Of Experts FREE

For less than on-boarding a marketing director you can:

  • Get access to a team of marketing experts who’s diverse skill sets and decades of experience cover all marketing and advertising mediums and industries
  • Put your hard-earned cash to work now without the ridiculous 6-month ramp-up time
  • Scale your marketing efforts up or down as needed with a simple phone call
  • Work with a trustworthy and competent team who markets your company as if everything is riding on it—because it is

With Evo Strategies’ unique, results-oriented strategies charting the course you can be confident that each decision made by your ship’s captain is another research-backed choice in ensuring you and your staff arrive at your destination, safe and sound.

Not sure if a marketing agency is the right fit for your business? Schedule a FREE, no-obligation 60-minute discovery meeting to find out.


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