Brand Strategy & Corporate Rebrand

As a provider of innovative solutions in a fast-paced, technologically advanced industry, Trace3’s less than cutting-edge branding wasn’t doing them any favors. Evo Strategies redefined their brand from the ground up. Starting with identification of the company’s differentiators, competitive advantages, and target markets we translated their core values into state-of-the-art visuals and messaging worthy of a “Transformative IT Authority.”

Mediums:Website, Brand Architecture, Sales Presentation, Brand Guideline, Print Advertisements
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Masterplanned Industrial Park Branding & Marketing

Watson Land Company is a developer, owner, and operator of industrial properties throughout Southern California and the East Coast. To ensure their new development’s brand and marketing materials reflected their valuable, 200+ year reputation of high quality, functional buildings and centers, Evo Strategies created the “Unrivaled” campaign which touts the benefits and features of their new masterplanned park, located in the up-and-coming city of Chino, California.

Client:Watson Land Company
Mediums:Brand Video, Print Advertisement, Website, E-mail, Blog, Social Media, Time-lapse Video
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Consumer Brand Strategy, Marketing & Advertising

Custom Comfort Mattress, a trustworthy manufacturer and transparent retailer of handcrafted, all-natural, luxury mattresses, struggled to compete in an industry known for its dishonest and intentionally confusing messages, and too-good-to-be-true deals. Previously known as the “David and Goliath Mattress Company” Evo Strategies developed foundational messaging centered around their values-based culture, a strategic plan of attack, and high-quality print and digital marketing and advertising materials to help this family-owned company increase its revenue without selling its soul.

Client:Custom Comfort Mattress
Mediums:Brand Architecture, Marketing Strategy, Landing Page, Print Advertisement, Blog, Social Media, Pay-Per-Click Advertising
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Corporate Rebrand, Marketing & Advertising

After years of operating in the foreclosed home segment, The Nikols Company shifted their focus back to commercial real estate lending opportunities. To transition into this distinguished market, Evo Strategies refreshed their marketing and advertising collateral with a contemporary color palette and sophisticated design aesthetic that properly reflects their unwavering commitment to the stewardship of their investors capital, and servicing of their borrower’s loans.

Client:The Nikols Company
Mediums:Investment Report, Website, Event Collateral, Print Advertising, E-mail, Photography
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Over the Hump

Event Branding, Marketing & Advertising

Host of the largest mid-week bike race in the country, Over the Hump collaborated with Evo Strategies to expand their market reach by bringing their spirit of competitive camaraderie to their logo, digital media, apparel, and racing paraphernalia.

Client:Over the Hump Race Series
Mediums:Apparel, Website, Promotional Items, Advertising, Awards, Video Series
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