Stephen Fry

Steven Fry

Founder and President

As Co-Founder and President of Evo Strategies, Stephen Fry creates powerful brands and fosters a culture of success. Stephen is a visionary leader who imparts his mission to his hand-selected team while simultaneously working one-on-one with each Evo client. In his role as Creative Director he personally oversees all branding, design, and strategy development. Through exceptional customer service and employee mentoring, Stephen has created explosive results for Evo’s clientele.

An award-winning designer who has represented notable organizations and market leaders across the globe in a spectrum of industries, Stephen’s passion is the visualization of powerful brands translated across all integrated marketing platforms. He has had success in such industries as action sports, aerospace, automotive, consumer/retail, education, entertainment, finance, food and beverage, healthcare, nonprofit, and real estate (commercial, institutional, and residential). His clients include Toyota, KBS Realty Advisors, Bixby Land Company, In-N-Out Burger, California Choice 51+, and Sea Launch Company, among many others. He has served ad agencies in the US, Europe, and Africa.

Stephen takes a fully-integrated marketing communications approach to every Evo campaign. Through advertising, branding, digital solutions, marketing, and public relations, he maximizes the growth opportunity for our clients. With twenty-two years of art direction and leadership experience and a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of the Nations, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, Stephen has the vision to take your company to the next level.

Reach out to Stephen today to see what Evo can do for you.


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