Scott Hannah

Scott Hannah

Sr. Client Strategist and Media Director

As the director of media production and the company’s strategy specialist, Scott Hannah plays a key role in the continued growth and development of both Evo Strategies and our clients. His passion for media arts and his strategic vision make him an invaluable part of the Evo team. From strategizing a marketing campaign to bringing that campaign to life through videography, Scott works one-on-one with clients every step of the way.

With over twenty-two years of experience in television, music, corporate media production, editing and graphic design, Scott translates each client’s products and services into relatable, captivating media messaging that can be launched across a variety of digital platforms. From corporate videos to consumer commercials, Scott has the experience and vision to create the necessary market appeal for success.

In his role as strategy specialist, Scott works closely with clients to develop working partnerships and lead strategic initiatives to ensure powerful results. His experience in a wide array of industries gives him unique insight into what it takes to succeed in today’s competitive world.

Contact Scott to discuss media production and strategic partnerships for your business today.


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