Korina Kannedy

Korina Kannedy

Director of Business Strategy

With both a detail-oriented approach to strategy and a creative eye for design, Korina Kannedy provides goal-driven insight at all levels of our marketing efforts. From brainstorming with clients on brand architectures to mapping out targeted marketing plans, Korina pulls from her wealth of cross-industry experience to coordinate and implement innovative strategies that achieve tangible results for our clients.

Korina’s history as a studio manager, manager of client services, and designer give her unique insight into balancing the needs of clients with the abilities of creatives. By being involved at every stage of the production process, she ensures that our team has the necessary time, resources, and support to deliver outstanding products and services. Her extensive design background allows her to be intimately involved with the creative process, whether that’s by providing feedback to our team on a website layout or by working directly with a client to get an ad just right.

Since graduating cum laude from CSU Fullerton with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design more than a decade ago, Korina has worked in a wide array of industries including the entertainment, hospitality, travel, real estate, financial, and dining industries, with such notable clients as Hyatt Hotels, Disney Parks, Caesars Entertainment, and Celebrity and Royal Caribbean Cruises. Korina’s experience allows her to quickly adapt to the varied needs of our clients and to deliver results that will most effectively reach individual target audiences.

Whether she’s working one-on-one with our clients to devise a marketing strategy or assisting our creative team with advertising design, Korina is an integral part of our mission to provide results that consistently surpass client expectations.

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